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Dr Liew Woei Kang has been regularly invited to provide opinions on General Paediatric Medicine as well as Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology Sub-specialty topics. Below are some of the articles & links to his media contribution.


Children are not Mini Adults

The New Paper on Sunday 18 Jan 2015

Getting Haze-Ready

The Straits Times Mind Your Body 17 July 2014

Advice You Can Trust

The Straits Times 3 Nov 2013

Allergic Rhinitis on the Rise Among Children

The Straits Times Mind Your Body 11 Apr 2013

Keep the Itch under Control

The Straits Times 30 Aug 2012

Prevent Eczema with the Right Milk

The Straits Times Mind Your Body 16 Aug 2012


联合晚报 8 Nov 2004

TV Interview


狮城有约 | 十分访谈:自行购买药品的风险 - 5 July 2019


Here’s To Health 健康在于你 Series 7 Episode 3 - 5 Sept 2015


Here’s To Health 健康在于你Series 5 Episode 3 - 31 July2013

Parenting / Medical Magazine


赞好生活 Sept 2015

Allergy Attack

Today's Parents Feb / Mar 2014

A Tale of Two Babies

Live Well Baby Dec / Jan 2014

Not just a Cough

Mother & Baby Jan 2012

Food Allergy

Wellness No.1 Vol.1 2011

What Is Kawasaki Disease

The New Age Parents

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